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The word “trauma”, derived from 17th Century Greece, is translated as “wound”.

Many of us have experienced some level trauma. There are single event traumas that range from adverse (such as break ups, job loss) to devastating (such as a natural disaster, sudden death of a loved one, sexual assault) that can shatter our sense of well-being. There are also events that occur and last over time (neglect, abandonment, emotional/physical/sexual abuse) creating a more complex level of trauma. Many people have experienced some form of trauma during their lives. EMDR can treat those wounds. Although EMDR has its roots in treatment for symptoms of PTSD associated with War Veterans, it has been effective for over 30 years in treatment for many types of traumatic events, from First Responders and Natural Disaster victims, to those suffering from Complex PTSD, the culmination of chronic traumas during a lifetime.

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