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The inability to stop using, cravings and obsession, negative consequences;  All are hallmarks of addiction.

Humans are pleasure seeking animals. Humans use substances for pleasure. Addicts and alcoholics abuse substances in such a way to risk their freedom, their sanity, their lives. Once one chooses to get sober, the mind is left with itself. Confusion about relationships, sex, and simply getting through the day-to-day can seem impossible. The mind, body and spirit need to be healed.


The body, including the brain, can be rejuvenated. The mind, including emotions can become stable. And the spirit, including self-esteem, can be lifted. Once the choice for sobriety is made, EMDR can be the tool to unravel the traumas that have been stored with the blanket of substances, to aid in relieving shame and guilt. Mindfulness provides the ability to regulate emotions, redirect thoughts and behaviors, and help the body heal.

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