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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) focuses on traumas big and small, acute and chronic. The Eye Movement was created as a means to bi-laterally stimulate the brain. 30 years have passed since Francine Shapiro created this therapy and technology has provided other means of bi-lateral brain stimulation giving clients more choice in their EMDR Therapy experience. In addition, because it focuses on trauma and directly affects the brain, EMDR is considered a shorter-term therapy, easing fears of being in therapy for years. It is empowering for my clients to feel well enough to end therapy on their own.


Not a traditional talk therapy, clients do not have to tell their stories over and over again. Clients are asked for a brief outline, with an exploration of Negative Beliefs attached to the event, and reprocessing can begin. The unique and holistic process affects the whole brain, activating thoughts (Neocortical), emotions (Limbic) and somatic reactions (Central Nervous System) simultaneously. Bi-Lateral brain stimulation then reprocesses memories and desensitize the negative triggers and effects from those memories. Negative beliefs transform into positive beliefs. The wounds start to heal. Empowerment begins.

You can read more about EMDR here.

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