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It gives pleasure, it gives life. Buddhist Philosophy considers human sexual energy as the most powerful energy. Western Psychology considers human sexuality in terms of Nature vs. Nurture. The Nature part of sex is that we are born sexual beings, with curiosities about our bodies at very young ages. The Nurture part of sex is based in family values, cultural beliefs and societal dictates. It is no wonder that many of life’s difficulties can be traced back to sex. And it is the most difficult area for people to seek help for!


Differing sexual desires and values create fear and shame. Those victimized by sexual assault and chronic abuse have an altered sense of safety. PTSD and hypervigilance can result, creating strains in relationships, work, parenting, and a feeling of ill-being. If childbearing and child-rearing become difficult, guilt and shame may arise. If substances have been part of the equation, an altered sense of reality can negatively affect true connection to self and others, and loss of pleasure and enjoyment in sex altogether.


There is no concern is too great, no conditioning too strong to seek help for. EMDR and Mindfulness are very powerful therapies that can ease suffering and begin the road to healing.


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