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Sex In Sobriety
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Sex In Sobriety 

A Qualitative Narrative Exploration of the Utilization of Mindfulness Practices for Enjoyable Sober Sex 

Sex In Sobriety is a guide to improve the sex lives of sober individuals.

This book is specifically geared toward sober individuals who have overcome substance abuse, yet cannot overcome the intricacies of enjoyable sober sex.

Studies have shown that meditation affects the same areas of the brain that substances do. Mindfulness can activate the Pleasure Center of the brain. With practice, joy and rapture can be cultivated, and used as a way to have enjoyable sex! 

Dr. Barbour's own journey from addiction to sobriety helped her discover the power from within to enjoy sex again, and wanted to share it with other sober individuals who continue to suffer.

Dr. Barbour resides and maintains a private practice in Los Angeles.

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